Welcome to the Home of Living Trust Advocate

Welcome to the Home Page of Living Trust Advocate.

If you want to learn pretty much everything you need to know about revocable living trusts, then you’ve come to the right place.

I’m George F. Dickerman, a California attorney for the past 30 years.  I’m the author, content writer, proof-reader and, well, everything else that went into the creation of this website.  Within this site, you’ll find clear and concise answers to nearly all of your questions – without any “legal-speak”.  Just straight talk, straight forward, and easy to understand.

This information will untangle the knots and blow all of the fog away, allowing you to make a totally informed decision about whether a living trust is the right choice for you and your family.

Throughout these pages … you’ll learn … in “plain simple English”:

  • What a living trust is.
  • Whether you need one.
  • The advantages of having one.
  • The costs involved.
  • Whether you need an attorney to prepare one.
  • Alternatives to hiring a lawyer.

You’ll also learn a lot more … if you’re interested:

  • Is someone else entitled to receive a copy of my trust?
  • What “mental capacity” issues are involved?
  • What are “trust mills” and why you should avoid them.
  • How does a trust “own” something?
  • What is a trustee, and what are the duties involved?
  • How do you transfer title of your home to your trust?

If you’ve read all of the pages contained in this website, then you’ll essentially have a college semester education on “Living Trusts 101”.

Plenty of information to take with you – if you choose to hire an attorney.

And … plenty of information … if you decide to save lots of money and use an alternative way to obtain a quality, legally enforceable living trust … without hiring an attorney.

So, read through these pages and then decide.