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Welcome to Living Trust Advocate!

Our goal is simple:  To provide our readers with unbiased, practical, truth-telling information about Living Trusts.  Period.

In plain simple English, we provide explanations such as:  What is a “Living Trust?”  Do you really need one?  What are the costs involved?  What are the alternatives to a Living Trust? Do you need an attorney?  And much, much more.

When I say “We” or “Us”, I’m talking about me:  George Dickerman, a California attorney with 30+ years experience.  The content of this website was written, produced, designed, edited and proof-read by me.  The content is accurate, insightful, and an up to date mini-course that informs and empowers the reader to understand the concepts of Living Trusts.  Armed with this information, you can then determine what type of estate planning your family needs, whether a Living Trust is a necessary tool and, if so, the safest, easiest and least expensive way to obtain one.

There’s no quess-work here.  It’s all laid out in a straight-forward explanation, including examples where helpful.

To that end, “We” hope you enjoy the material presented, and will find it very valuable in making your decision on whether a Living Trust is for you.

Be sure to add a comment or ask a question.  I do my best to respond as quickly as I can.


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